17+ Nicknames for Arsenal That Every Fan Must Know

Nicknames for Arsenal

Arsenal, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, has a rich history and a loyal fan base. With a long list of accomplished players and managers, it’s no surprise that the club has inspired numerous nicknames over the years. Some of these monikers are well-known, while others have fallen out of use over time. In this blog post, we will explore the various Nicknames for Arsenal that have been associated with Arsenal and the fascinating stories behind them.

Nicknames are an important part of the collective identity of any team, and Arsenal Football Club is no exception. Around the world, supporters of the team have come together to create a range of nicknames that have been used to represent the club throughout its long and varied history. In this blog, we will explore the nicknames of Arsenal, examining their meaning and their significance for the club’s fans.

Nicknames are an important part of the Arsenal’s identity. From Arsenal’s inception in 1886 to the present day, the club has been known by a variety of Nicknames for Arsenal. Whether they are derived from the club’s logo, location, or achievements, the nicknames used to refer to Arsenal carry a sense of pride and nostalgia. In this blog, we will explore the various nicknames and their meanings throughout the Arsenal fan base. We hope to provide an insight into the history of Arsenal and the evolution of its nicknames over time.

Nicknames for Arsenal

In football, nicknames are powerful symbols and serve to connect a club’s identity with its devoted supporters. Arsenal Football Club is no exception and has its own unique set of nicknames that exhibit a sense of loyalty and pride to its fan base. Here we explore the various names Arsenal is referred to by its supporters, from The Gunners to The Red Army and several more in between.

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1) The Gunners

This nickname was derived from the club’s origins as a munitions factory team in the late 1800s. The name references the Arsenal Royal Manufacturing Company’s most famous output at the time, the iconic Lee-Enfield rifle.

2) The Red Army

This nickname is a direct nod to Arsenal’s colors and home kit, which has always predominately been red. It also symbolizes the club’s passionate and loyal fanbase, which creates an electric atmosphere inside Emirates Stadium on matchdays.

3) The North Londoners

This nickname is a simple reference to Arsenal’s location in North London and is used by both the club’s supporters and its rivals alike.

4) The Invincibles

This nickname was made famous by Arsenal’s unbeaten Premier League campaign of 2003/04, where they went the entire season without tasting defeat. The achievement is widely regarded as one of the greatest in English football history and cemented The Gunners’ place in folklore.

5) The North Bank

This nickname references the old north stand at Highbury, which was the spiritual home of Arsenal’s most fervent supporters. It was demolished when Emirates Stadium was built but lives on in the hearts of the club’s fans.

The Invincibles

6) Super Arsenal

This nickname was coined during Arsenal’s 1970/71 season, when they became the first club in English football history to win the FA Cup, and League Cup and finish top of the First Division table.

7) The 1-0 specialists

This nickname was given to Arsenal by rival supporters during the George Graham era when the team was renowned for their defensive solidity and winning ugly.

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8) The Entertainers

This nickname was given to Arsenal by the media during the Arsene Wenger era when the team was known for its attractive and free-flowing football.

9) The Woolwich Arsenal

This is the original name of the club, which was formed in 1887 and takes its name from the area of Woolwich in South London where they were based.

10) The Entertainers

This nickname was given to Arsenal by the media during the late 1990s and early 2000s when the club was led by Arsene Wenger and played some of the most attractive and exciting football in the country.

11) The Invincibles (again)

In 2015/16, Arsenal went the entire Premier League season unbeaten, emulating their achievement of over a decade earlier. The feat once again cemented the club’s place in English football history and underlined their status as one of the country’s powerhouse teams.

12) The Unbeatables

This nickname has been used by Arsenal’s supporters since the club’s unbeaten Premier League campaign of 2003/04. It embodies the pride and passion of the club’s fanbase and serves as a reminder of Arsenal’s status.

The Gunners

13) The Emirates

This nickname is a reference to Arsenal’s current home stadium, which is sponsored by the airline. The stadium is widely regarded as one of the best in the country and is a symbol of the club’s recent success.

14) The Professors

This nickname was bestowed upon Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal teams of the early 2000s, who were noted for their cultured and elegant style of play.

15) The Woolwich Boys

This nickname pays tribute to Arsenal’s roots in the southeast London borough of Woolwich, where the club was founded in 1886.

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16) The Highbury Greats

This nickname is reserved for Arsenal’s all-time greatest players, many of whom graced the pitch at the club’s former home of Highbury Stadium. From Thierry Henry to Tony Adams, these are the men who have cemented their legacy in Gunners’ history.

17) The Herd

This nickname was given to Arsenal’sfamous attacking trio of the late 1970s and early 1980s, consisting of Liam Brady, Graham Rix, and Frank Stapleton.

18) The Djected

This is a tongue-in-cheek nickname for Arsenal’s current crop of players, who have been criticized for their lack of aggression and mental fortitude in recent years.


There are a multitude of nicknames that have been given to Arsenal Football Club over the years, each one with its own special meaning. From “The Entertainers” to “The Invincibles”, these nicknames serve as a reminder of the rich history and tradition of one of England’s most successful and popular clubs.