150+ Viking Last Names With Surprising Meaning Behind

Viking Last Names

Have you ever wondered about the origins of your last name? If you have Viking ancestry, there’s a chance that your surname can be traced back to the fierce warriors of the North. Viking last names carry a rich history, reflecting the culture, geography, and social structure of the Viking Age.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Viking last names, uncovering their meanings and shedding light on their significance.

We will delve into the three main points: the different types of Viking last names, the influences on their creation, and the legacy they have left behind. So, let’s embark on a journey through time and discover the stories behind these ancient names.

Viking Last Names

Explore the captivating world of Viking last names and trace your family’s lineage back to legendary Norse ancestors. Embrace your heritage today!

Akselsen – Meaning “son of Aksel.”

Bjornsson – Signifying “son of Bjorn,” where Bjorn means bear.

Eiriksdottir – Denoting “daughter of Eirik.”

Freyrsdottir – Indicating “daughter of Freyr,” the Norse god of fertility.

Gudmundsson – Translating to “son of Gudmund,” with Gudmund meaning God’s protection.

Haldorsen – Signifying “son of Halldor.”

Ingvarsson – Meaning “son of Ingvar,” with Ingvar referring to the god Ing.

Jonsdottir – Denoting “daughter of Jon.”

Kjellberg – Indicating “mountain stream mountain.”

Lofgren – Translating to “leaf branch.”

Magnusson – Signifying “son of Magnus,” where Magnus means great.

Njordsson – Meaning “son of Njord,” the god of the sea.

Olafsdottir – Denoting “daughter of Olaf.”

Ragnarsdottir – Indicating “daughter of Ragnar,” associated with the legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok.

Sigurdsson – Signifying “son of Sigurd,” a name associated with heroism.

Thorsen – Meaning “son of Thor,” the god of thunder.

Ulfsson – Translating to “son of Ulf,” where Ulf means wolf.

Valdis – Denoting “spirit of the dead.”

Yngvadottir – Indicating “daughter of Yngvi,” a name connected to an early Norse deity.

Asbjornsen – Signifying “son of the bear god,” Asbjorn.

Birgisdottir – Meaning “daughter of Birgir,” associated with strength.

Einarsson – Translating to “son of Einar,” where Einar means lone warrior.

Female Viking last names

Discover the unique allure of Female Viking last names, and their historical significance right here!

Frigg – Denoting the Norse goddess of love and marriage.

Geirsdottir – Indicating “daughter of the spear.”

Hakonarson – Signifying “son of Hakon,” a name linked to high ancestry.

Ingolfsson – Meaning “son of Ingolf,” where Ingolf means Ing’s wolf.

Jokull – Translating to “iceberg.”

Kollsen – Denoting “son of the helmet.”

Lagertha – Indicating a legendary shieldmaiden in Viking sagas.


Mjolnir – Signifying Thor’s iconic hammer.

Nilsdottir – Meaning “daughter of Nils.”

Ragnhild – Translating to “battle advice.”

Sif – Denoting the Norse goddess of harvest and fertility.

Thorbjornsen – Indicating “son of Thor and the bear.”

Ulfdottir – Signifying “daughter of the wolf.”

Valfred – Meaning “peaceful ruler of the slain.”

Yngvarsson – Translating to “son of Yngvar.”

Astrid – Denoting “divinely beautiful.”

Baldursdottir – Indicating “daughter of Balder,” the god of light.

Epic viking last names

Explore epic Viking last names on our site! Connect to your ancestry and ignite the Viking spirit within you.

Eirik – Signifying “eternal ruler.”

Finnson – Meaning “son of Finn.”

Grettir – Translating to “the growler.”

Halfdanarson – Denoting “son of Halfdan.”

Ingrid – Indicating “beautiful Ing.”

Jarl – Signifying a noble title in Viking society.

Kvasir – Meaning a mythical figure associated with wisdom.

Leifsdottir – Translating to “daughter of Leif.”

Maelstrom – Denoting a powerful whirlpool.

Njord – Indicating the god of seafaring and wealth.

Ormsson – Signifying “son of the serpent.”

Ragnarok – Meaning the final battle of Norse mythology.

Skald – Translating to a Viking poet and storyteller.

Thora – Denoting “thunder goddess.”

Ullr – Indicating the god of winter sports and archery.

Valhalla – Signifying the grand hall of slain warriors in the afterlife.

Yggdrasil – Meaning the cosmic tree of life in Norse mythology.

Astridhild – Translating to “divinely beautiful battle.”

Powerful viking last names

Powerful Viking last names await you. Uncover the history and strength behind these ancient surnames!

Baldr – Denoting the god of light and purity.

Eivor – Indicating “warrior” or “warrior woman.”

Fjord – Signifying a narrow inlet of the sea.

Grimnir – Meaning “masked one,” an alias of Odin.

Halfdan – Translating to “half Danish.”

Ivarr – Denoting “bow warrior.”

Jotun – Indicating the giants in Norse mythology.

Kari – Signifying “stormy.”

Loki – Meaning the trickster god in Norse mythology.

Mjollnirson – Translating to “son of Thor’s hammer.”

Norns – Denoting the three sisters of fate in Norse mythology.

Odin – Indicating the Allfather and chief of the gods.

Ragnald – Signifying “mighty advice.”

Sigrun – Meaning “victory rune.”

Thrud – Translating to “power” or “strength.”

Norwegian viking last names

Immerse in Norse heritage through our comprehensive list of Norwegian Viking last names!

Ursa – Denoting “bear” in Latin.

Vali – Indicating a son of Odin.

Ymir – Signifying the primeval giant in Norse creation mythology.

Asgerd – Meaning “god’s enclosure.”

Beornwulf – Translating to “bear wolf.”

Eilif – Denoting “forever alive.”

Fritha – Indicating “peace.”

Gorm – Signifying “raven.”

Haldora – Meaning “ruler’s stone.”

Ingmar – Translating to “Ing’s fame.”

Jorunn – Denoting “lover of horses.”

Ketil – Indicating “kettle” or “cauldron.”

Lofn – Signifying the Norse goddess of forbidden love.

Magni – Meaning “mighty.”

Nidhogg – Translating to “dreaded striker,” a dragon in Norse mythology.

Oskar – Denoting “divinely spear.”

Ragnhildur – Indicating “battle advice of a warrior.”

Sigrid – Signifying “victory ride.”

Cool viking last names

Get cool Viking last names that echo strength and valor. Let your name tell a saga of Norse legends!

Thrym – Meaning a giant who stole Thor’s hammer.

Unn – Translating to “wave.”

Varg – Denoting “wolf.”

Yrsa – Indicating a legendary Swedish queen.

Audhild – Signifying “wealthy battle.”

Bjornolf – Meaning “bear wolf.”

Einar – Translating to “lone warrior.”

Freyja – Denoting the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

Gudrun – Indicating “divine rune.”

Hallvard – Signifying “rock guardian.”


Alfarin – Originating from Old Norse, it means “all traveler.”

Bodvarsson – Derived from “Bodvar,” meaning “son of the boat man.”

Eydís – A classic Old Norse name meaning “luck goddess.”

Frostdottir – Originating from “frost,” it signifies “daughter of the frost.”

Gormsson – From “Gormr,” it means “son of Gorm,” possibly referring to a raven.

Halfdanardottir – Meaning “daughter of Halfdan,” a name of Danish origin.

Ingolfur – Originating from “Ingólfr,” it signifies “Ing’s wolf,” representing a noble ancestor.

Jorvik – Referring to the Viking name for the city of York in England.

Kjartan – A name of Norwegian origin, meaning “from the marsh.”

Leifr – Derived from “Leif,” it signifies “descendant” or “heir.”

Magnhild – Combining “magni” (mighty) and “hildr” (battle), it means “mighty battle.”

Njordarson – Originating from “Njörðr,” it means “son of the sea god Njord.”

Olafsdottir – Derived from “Ólafur,” it signifies “daughter of Olaf,” a popular Viking name.

Ragnfred – A blend of “ragn” (advice) and “fríðr” (beautiful), it means “beautiful advice.”

Sigbjorn – Originating from “Sigbjǫrn,” it means “victory bear.”

Thorkelsdottir – Referring to “daughter of Thorke,” a name rooted in Norse mythology.

Ulfhildr – Combining “ulf” (wolf) and “hildr” (battle), it means “wolf battle.”

Valdis – Originating from “Valdís,” it signifies “goddess of the slain.”

Yngvild – A name associated with “Yngvi,” the god of fertility.

Asmund – Derived from “Ásmundr,” it means “god’s protection.”

Badass viking last names

From rugged warriors to legendary rulers, explore badass Viking last names that echo with might and valor.

Bjornhild – Combining “bjǫrn” (bear) and “hildr” (battle), it signifies “bear battle.”

Eirikur – Originating from “Eiríkur,” it means “forever ruler.”

Fridthjof – A name of Norwegian origin, it means “peaceful thief.”

Geirr – Derived from “geirr,” which means “spear.”

Hakonardottir – Referring to “daughter of Hakon,” a name of royal lineage.

Ingebjorg – Combining “Ing” and “bjǫrg” (protection), it means “Ing’s protection.”

Jarlson – Originating from “jarl,” it signifies “son of a noble.”

Kjellfrid – A combination of “kjell” (kettle) and “fríðr” (beautiful), it means “beautiful kettle.”

Lofn – Referring to the Norse goddess of forbidden love and desire.

Magnusdottir – Derived from “Magnús,” it signifies “daughter of Magnus,” emphasizing greatness.

Njordur – Originating from “Njörðr,” it means “god of the sea.”

Ormsdottir – Signifying “daughter of the serpent,” likely a reference to a Viking ancestor.

Ragnarsson – Combining “Ragnarr” and “son,” it means “son of Ragnar.”

Sifsdottir – Referring to “daughter of Sif,” the goddess of harvest.

Thorgrim – Originating from “Þorgrímr,” it means “Thor’s mask” or “Thor’s protection.”

Urd – A name associated with “Urd,” one of the Norns in Norse mythology.

Varghild – Combining “varg” (wolf) and “hildr” (battle), it means “wolf battle.”

Old viking last names

Discover Old Viking last names that echo with history. Dive into the rich Norse heritage and find your own Viking ancestry.

Yngve – Originating from “Yngvi,” it signifies “ancestor” or “descendant of Yngvi.”

Asvaldur – A name derived from “Ásvaldr,” meaning “god’s power.”

Bjornulf – Combining “bjǫrn” (bear) and “ulf” (wolf), it means “bear wolf.”

Eirny – Originating from “Eir,” the goddess of healing, it means “healing woman.”

Fridthjov – A variant of Fridthjof, meaning “peaceful thief.”

Geirulf – Combining “geirr” (spear) and “ulf” (wolf), it means “spear wolf.”

Hakonur – Originating from “Hákon,” it means “high son” or “noble son.”

Ingibjorg – Combining “Ing” and “bjǫrg” (protection), it means “Ing’s protection.”

Jotunn – Referring to the giants in Norse mythology, it signifies “giant.”

Kjellrun – A blend of “kjell” (kettle) and “rún” (secret), it means “secret kettle.”

Loke – Derived from “Loki,” the trickster god in Norse mythology.

Magny – Originating from “Magný,” it means “mighty woman.”

Njordhild – Combining “Njörðr” and “hildr” (battle), it means “Njord’s battle.”

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Viking last names offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Norse people. These names often reflected the individual’s occupation, personal characteristics, or ancestral lineage. While many Viking last names have been lost to time, some still survive today, serving as a reminder of the enduring legacy of the Vikings.