550+ Cleaning Business Names That Helps You To Grow

cleaning business names

It can be hard to come up with a good name for your cleaning business. Here are some ideas to help you think of a good name. First, think about who you’re writing for. Choose a name that sounds like other cleaning business names, makes a pun, or combines phrases that are often used to describe cleaning services. Keep in mind that the name of your business is the first thing people will notice about it, so make sure it’s a good one!

Think about what your target market likes and dislikes when coming up with Cleaning Business Names. People are more likely to like a business name that sounds funny or is different. Try something like “Bip Bop Gone,” which sounds funny and is easy to say. If you can’t think of a good name, you can use a cleaning business name generator with a rhyming filter. You can even use words that rhyme, like “cleaning the house” or “Cleanz Home.”

“SEO” is something else to think about. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must if you want to get more visitors. Even though this won’t guarantee success, it will make it easier for people to find your cleaning business online. People are more likely to hire you again if they know about your business. Also, keep in mind that more than half of people who hire cleaners now do so online. You should make a website if you want to get more clients. You’ll need a domain name to do that.

Cleaning Company Name Ideas

Looking for Cleaning Company Name Ideas then must check this top list.

  • Clean Falcon
  • Revolution Cleaners
  • Pixie Dust Cleaners
  • Zero Blemish
  • Pristine Cleaning
  • Playful Spotless
  • Clean Owl
  • Married To The Mop
  • Clean and Shine
  • Absolute Cleaning Service
  • Cleaner Gnome
  • Minute Maids
  • Dust Bunnies
  • English Maids
  • Maid to the Rescue
  • Move Out Mates
  • Cleaner Circular
  • Shiny Degrees
  • Maid Pro
  • Wheels Housekeeping
  • Window Wash
  • Challenger Cleaning
  • Spotless Generations
  • The Complete Cleaning
  • Cleaner Thirst
  • We Clean Things Up
  • Dust N Shine
  • Executive Pro Cleaning Co.
  • Washed Up Cleaning Service
  • Heaven Scent House Cleaners
  • Cleaner Sober
  • Cleaning Company All Glisten
  • Steam Fresh
  • Heaven Broom
  • Tidy Shines
  • Clean Securely

Best Names For Cleaning Business

Check out these Best Names For Cleaning Business for you:

  • American Cleaning Service
  • Premier Cleaning Service
  • Detailing Deputy
  • Voodoo Housekeeping
  • BetterCleaning
  • Cleaner Dearer
  • We Love The Jobs You Hate
  • Tidy Tropic
  • Pro Clean
  • Cleanse Capitalism
  • Happy Clean Home
  • Scour Power Cleaning
  • Clean Portsmouth
  • Maid in Bliss
  • Pinch Cleaning
  • Access Maids
  • BeyondClean
  • Liquid Brush
  • Kulas Maids
  • Rainbow Cleaning Crew
  • Housekeeping Litz
  • Eco Cleaning Company
  • Spotless Performance
  • Green Maid
  • Cleanerunner
  • Fantastic Services
  • Detailing Ditty
  • Clean Priest
  • Home Helpers
  • Maid to Work
  • Wiser Spotless
  • Twinkle Clean
  • Blue Skies Services
  • Brisk Maids

cleaning service names

Cleaning Service Names

Here are some Cleaning Service Names:

  • Shiny Relief
  • Clean Heavy
  • Thoroughly Cleaned Cleaning Service
  • Neat Cleaning Services
  • Cottage Grove Cleaning
  • Dusting Things
  • Clean Break Office Cleaning Services
  • Spotless Services
  • Cleaning Charisma
  • Neat, Sweet and Discreet Cleaning Service
  • Today’s Maid Services
  • Cleanse Calm
  • Emerald Cleaning Services
  • You Have It Maid
  • Dusting Tactic
  • Excellent Maids
  • Git’er Done Cleaning
  • Maids to Help
  • Fabulous Cleaning Expert
  • Hot Mops
  • Patriot Maid
  • Spotless Artificial
  • Tidy Targets
  • Tidy Currency
  • Mirror Maids
  • Spotless Sentences
  • Uraban Fresh Cleaning
  • Dust to Shine
  • Let Me Do The Cleaning
  • Lean Mean Clean Machine
  • Broom Buddies
  • Green Dream Cleaning Service
  • Clean Corner
  • Spotless Enrichment
  • Sure Cleaning Services
  • Dustin Gin
  • Cleaning Thinks
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Commercial Cleaning Business Names

Here are the Commercial Cleaning Business Names:

  • Load Lifters
  • Tidy Efficacy
  • Rainbow Clean
  • Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
  • Tidy Dixie
  • Nature’s Best
  • Shiny Gentry
  • Cleaner Beeper
  • Maid in Your City
  • Sweet Home Maintenance
  • Classic Cleaning
  • Power Bright Cleaning Services
  • Cinderella Cleaners
  • Clean Fox
  • The Clean Solution
  • Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  • Login Detailing
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • AAA Commercial Cleaning Pros
  • Stratus Building Solutions
  • Cleanicely
  • Clean Quotient
  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Cleaner Crawl
  • Cleaning by Nature
  • The Clean Team
  • Partners in Grime
  • Clean Queen
  • Sparkling House Keeping
  • Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
  • Clean Squirrel
  • Moxie Maids
  • ServiceMaster Clean
  • Buds Suds

Unique Cleaning Business Names

Some Unique Cleaning Business Names are here:

  • Mother Marys Cleaning
  • House Keep Up
  • Cleantiques
  • Will Detailing
  • Diamond Cut Cleaning
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • Freshmint Cleaning Service
  • Supreme Klene
  • Happy Maids
  • Tidy Berries
  • Cleaners Shield
  • Dependable Cleaners
  • Daisy Fresh Cleaners
  • Dustingdah
  • Clean Conscience
  • CleanX
  • Pristine Clean
  • One Maid At A Time
  • Insect Eradicator
  • Maid in Time
  • Commercia Clean
  • Community Cleaning
  • Bonded Building Cleaning
  • Cleaning Chill
  • Sterilized Home
  • Filth Fighters
  • Nooks & Crannies Cleaning
  • Let Me Clean
  • Reality Source Cleaning
  • Twinkle Shine
  • Spotless Pima
  • Voodoo Clean Clan
  • Points Cleaning
  • The Removers
  • True Cleaning Services
  • Blue Clean
  • Cleaning Picnic
  • Fairy God Mother Cleaners
  • Detailing Glimpse
  • Executive Cleanse

Boat Cleaning Business Names

Check out these Boat Cleaning Business Names:

  • Cleaning Feelings
  • The Cleaning Fairies
  • Easy Clean Services
  • Dusting Premier
  • Dust & Shine
  • Better Cleaning Services
  • Tidy Relief
  • Spotless
  • Plank Cleaning
  • Cleaner Approach
  • Two Men and a Bucket
  • For All Seasons Clean
  • Anywhere Cleaning
  • Executive Cleanse Maintenance Services
  • First Class Cleaning
  • Shiny Shower
  • Revenus Maids
  • Detailing Bill
  • Maid in America
  • Cleaner Scops
  • Housekeeping Something
  • Budget Home Care
  • Cleaning Kings
  • Blessed Maid
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Zero Germs
  • Tidy Dare
  • Always Sparkling
  • Cleaning Quilt
  • Alexa Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Masters
  • Cheers Cleaning Service
  • Sweep Cleaning
  • Life is Maid
  • Shiny Wizards
  • Cleaner Kid
  • Clean Socks Solutions
  • No More Dust
  • Supreme Sparkle
  • Tidy Longevity
  • Best Friends Cleaning Services

Clever Cleaning Company Names

Some of the best Clever Cleaning Company Names are here:

  • After You Cleaning Service
  • Cardinal Maids
  • Housekeeping Sounding
  • Dust Busters Cleaning Services
  • Feather Lady
  • Cleaner Cleanser
  • Storm Housekeeping
  • EZ Cleaning
  • Bright Polish Cleaners
  • Washing Up
  • Clean-Up Team
  • We’re a Lean Mean Cleaning Machine
  • Super Cleaners
  • Immaculate Housekeeping
  • Just in Time Maid Service
  • Superclean Property
  • Dust Buddies
  • Spotless Agile
  • Dust Be Gone Maid Service
  • Not Just Dust
  • Molly Maid
  • Out of the Box Cleaning
  • Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  • Clean Coaches
  • Home Savers
  • Chew Housekeeping
  • Green Clean Time
  • Happy Housekeepers
  • Junior Cleaner
  • Sheer Clear Cleaning
  • Top to Bottom Cleaning
  • Softtouch Supremeklene
  • Dirt Get-away
  • Dirt Home Solutions
  • Cleaner Carrot
  • Supreme Steam Cleaning
  • Maid 2 Clean
  • Lovely Housekeeping
  • Maid Right
  • E and K Cleaning Services

Good Cleaning Company Names

Some Good Cleaning Company Names are shown below:

  • The Maid Brigade
  • Brilliant Cleaning
  • Global Shine
  • Gamble Detailing
  • A Master’s Touch
  • Cleaner Sceptre
  • Action Maids
  • Nature’s Best Cleaners
  • Nurtured Home
  • Any Mess
  • Pro House Cleaning
  • Housekeeping Sprints
  • Blue Sky Cleaning
  • Tidy Silly
  • Little Piggies
  • King of Clean
  • Vacuum Wizards
  • Envoy Cleaners
  • Busy Mops House Cleaners
  • Diamond Shine
  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Ham Housekeeping
  • Tidy Course
  • Tidy House
  • Soul Powered Cleaning
  • Just Clean Life
  • Your Panes Are Our Pleasure
  • OX Clean
  • Clean Globally
  • Detailing Beard
  • Cleanse Parallel
  • Ambition Cleaning
  • Cleaner Travelers
  • Stay Clean
  • Cleaning Conversion
  • Swept Away
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house cleaning business names

House Cleaning Business Names

Here are some House Cleaning Business Names:

  • Clean Master Service
  • Bride and Groom With a Broom
  • Cleaners Coarse
  • Canine Cleaner
  • Pig Pen Cleaning Crew
  • Email Detailing
  • Krystal Clear Home Cleaning Service
  • Generate
  • Perfection Cleaning Services
  • Heavenly Touch Maids
  • Cleaning for Perfection
  • In the Groove Cleaning Service
  • Crest Cleaners
  • Clean up Now System
  • Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
  • The Dazzle Cleaning Company
  • Township Cleaners
  • Maxim Cleaning
  • Crystal Clear Cleaning
  • April’s Fresh Cleaning Service
  • Primal Spotless
  • Future Glow
  • Scrubaciously Clean
  • Spiffy Shine Cleaning
  • Maid in (Insert City)
  • Legally Clean
  • SG house cleaning
  • Clean Regency
  • CleanNet
  • The Gleam Team
  • Trusted Home Care
  • Dusting Responsive
  • Easy Clean
  • Dirty Fingers Cleaning
  • Sunshine & Sparkle Cleaning Services
  • Soaplicious
  • Apex Cleaning Services
  • Krazy Klean
  • Home Doctor
  • Rest Easy
  • Cleaner Harbor
  • Friendly Clean

Cute Names For Cleaning Service

Here are some Cute Names For Cleaning Service Suggestions suggested by the name generator:

  • The Glass House Cleaners
  • Deep & Dirty Cleaning
  • Spotless Notification
  • Cleanovelty
  • Pleasin’ Polish
  • Cleaner Number
  • Dust Bunny
  • Xtreme Cleaners
  • Cleanerios
  • Clean Sweep
  • Clean Your Clock and Everything Else
  • Maid for Hire
  • Choice Janitorial
  • Maid Brite
  • Customized Cleaning
  • Detailing Dawn
  • Clean Machine Power Wash
  • Done Well Cleaning
  • Cleaner Third
  • Cleaner Vester
  • Golden Touch
  • Carly’s Cleaning
  • Supreme Kleen Services
  • Cleaning Couriers
  • Friendly House Clean
  • Cleaner Powered
  • Shiny Tweed
  • On The Spot!
  • Purple Squirrel
  • Sunshine Cleaning Services
  • Cleaner Silver
  • Neat and Tidy
  • Maid Sparkle
  • Vantage Point Cleaning Services
  • We Do Windows Cleaning Service
  • A Sparkle Home Cleaning Service
  • Stopping Detailing
  • Crazy Koi Carpet Care
  • Do Right Cleaning
  • Sparkling Homes
  • Credo Cleaners

Cleaning Service Name Ideas

Below are some Cleaning Service Name Ideas:

  • Cleaner Factor
  • The Maid Company
  • Unblemished
  • American Maid
  • Freaking Dusting
  • Clean & Shine
  • Magic Moppers
  • Mopping Around
  • TipTop
  • Professional Cleaning Services
  • Shiny Snappy
  • Clean Edgy
  • Magic Maids
  • Unblemished Clean
  • Greener Cleaner
  • Makeover Magic
  • Purple Elephant
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Freshius
  • Fresh Scent Maids
  • Maid 2 Order
  • Cleaner Hustler
  • Clean Cut
  • Landing Cleaning
  • suds in the bucket
  • Cleaner Flower
  • Cleaner Raiders
  • Home Taskforce
  • Lemon Fresh Cleaning Services
  • Brothers Cleaners
  • Assured Cleaning Services
  • Spring Cleaning Everyday
  • Spotless Slumber
  • Dusting Blooming
  • Cleaning Crimson
  • Super Maids
  • Cleaner Seniors
  • Shiny Oratory
  • Superior House Cleaning Services
  • White Glove Maid Service
  • Thinks Housekeeping
  • Helping Hands
  • Vanguard Cleaning Systems
  • Adaptive Cleaners


cleaning business name ideas

How to Name your Cleaning Business?

It is just as vital to give your cleaning firm the proper name as it is to get the right people to work for you. In point of fact, the name that you give your company can influence both the people who come to work with you and the people that you hire. You need to find the appropriate words, the right image, and the right combination of the two that will convey the essence of your organisation. The following are some suggestions on how to give your cleaning business a name that will stand out and be easy to remember.

Spend some time reflecting about who you are and what you want the future of your new business to bring you. Who are you, exactly? What are some of your objectives? What is it that drives you? Maintain a diary in which you scribble down your ideas and thoughts as well as any names that catch your attention and write them down. You could have an idea, but it’s important to put some thought into the kind of impression you want others to get of you.

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1. Keep it simple

It is important to keep in mind that a cleaning business is a service business, and as such, the name of your company should be something that is simple and easy for potential clients to recall. Avoid giving your child a name that is extremely intricate or difficult to say.

  • Cool Penguins
  • Spic n Span
  • All Seasons Cleaning
  • Meticulous Clean
  • Gets Detailing
  • Neat Services
  • Happy Shine
  • The Clean Dream Team
  • Tidy Sentry

2. Be distinctive

Because there are so many companies that clean homes and offices, you need a name for your company that will set it apart from the competition. To come up with an innovative idea that will get people’s attention, you and some of your friends or family members should get together and brainstorm.

3. Use keywords

Include descriptors such as “clean,” “fresh,” or “sparkling” in the name of your company to give prospective clients an indication of the level of quality they can anticipate from the services you provide. For instance, Fresh Start Cleaning Company provides the client with a somewhat accurate picture of the services they offer.

  • Clean Ere Turn
  • Friendly Maids
  • Housekeeping Reliant
  • Clean Team
  • Genie in a Bucket
  • Tidy Tore
  • Compete Cleanse
  • Lather right
  • Evening Detailing
  • Green Apple Cleaners
  • Thorough Clean
  • Dusting Smith
  • The Dirty Spot

4. Consider what may come in the future

Because a name is something you’ll have to live with for a significant amount of time, you should make sure it’s not something you’ll outgrow as your company develops and evolves. You don’t want to have to change the name of your firm every few years since the name is no longer appropriate for what the company does.

5. Keep it legal

Before choosing on a name, you should be sure to conduct a quick check online to determine whether or not another business is already utilising the name in question. You should also verify with the office of the secretary of state in your state to ensure that the name you choose isn’t too similar to the names of any other firms that are already registered in your state; otherwise, you can find yourself in some legal difficulty in the future!

Keeping these suggestions in mind, set aside some time to engage in some creative thinking and think of a few possible names for your cleaning service. After you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few favourites, put each one to the test with people who might become your consumers or clients to determine which one gets the best response. You just need a little bit of time and effort to come up with the ideal moniker for your brand-new commercial endeavour.

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