150+ Female Dragon Names: From Myth to Reality

Female Dragon Names

When it comes to naming female dragons, the possibilities are as limitless as their fiery breath. These magnificent creatures deserve names that reflect their strength, grace, and power. From ancient mythology to modern fantasy novels, there is no shortage of inspiration for finding the perfect name for your fierce dragoness.

In ancient Chinese mythology, one powerful and revered dragon is known as Longmu. Translated as mother of dragons, Longmu symbolizes protection and wisdom. This name carries a sense of nurturing strength and highlights the important role that female dragons play in mythological narratives.

On the other side of the world, Norse mythology introduces us to Fafnir’s sister: Gurdrid the dragoness. As a shape-shifting ruler of her own realm, she embodies cunning intelligence and an indomitable will. Naming your dragon after Gurdrid could evoke a sense of mystery and unyielding determination.

Famous Female Dragon Names

Whether you choose a historically significant name or invent one entirely from scratch, remember that each female dragon deserves an empowering title that captures her unique essence.

Maleficent: The formidable Sleeping Beauty evil.

Ramoth: The primary dragon in Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern trilogy.

Norberta: The Harry Potter dragon owned by Hagrid.

Schmadrix: The Shrek dragon enemy.

Tintaglia: The dragon figure in Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon.

Lien: The dragon character in Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon.

Siveth: Dragon name in Gav Thorpe’s novel The Crown of the Blood.

Vermithrax Pejorative: The 1981 film Dragonslayer dragon.

Aithusa: The Merlin white dragon’s name.

Saphira: The dragon protagonist of Christopher Paolini’s Eragon.

Sisu: The 2020 Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon dragon.

Female Dragon Names from novel

Embark on an epic journey through our curated list of female dragon names from beloved novels. From mythical creatures to strong heroines, find inspiration for your next adventure!

Lothoria: The Iron Dragon’s Daughter by Michael Swanwick’s dragon name.

Ezorreod: The Janny Wurts novel To Ride a Rathorn dragon’s name.

Yelbrider: Dragon name in Melinda M. Snodgrass’ novel The Edge of Reason.

Nisuyaa: Dragon from Rin Chupeco’s novel The Heart Forger.

Bend Will

Kiku: A dragon in Rosaria Munda’s novel The Fireborne.

Naysein: The Iron Raven dragon by Julie Kagawa.

Evrica: Dragon name from Cinda Williams Chima’s novel The Dragon Heir.

Nosteshrya: The dragon from Catherine Fisher’s The Obsidian Mirror.

Gorgozal: A dragon in Gareth Hanrahan’s novel The Shadow Saint.

Nychya: Dragon name from Jane Yolen’s The Last Changeling.

Kelbi: Dragon name from Beth Cato’s novel The Dragon’s Price.

Razalon: The Alan F. Troop novel Dragon Witch’s dragon name.

Embers: A dragon in Alison McGhee’s novel The Fire of Heaven.

Libelle: The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey’s dragon.

Nyarla: The Donita K. Paul novel Dragon Revenant dragon’s name.

Zoltygre: A Mercedes Lackey dragon from The Fire Rose.

Raila: The Christopher Paolini novel The Dragon of Despair’s dragon name.

Glacier: Dragonflight dragon name by Anne McCaffrey.

Nelorstra: The Shadow Dragon dragon by J. Robert King.

Volbuzley: A dragon in Allison Pang’s novel The Silver Dragon Codex.

Narwahl: The dragon from A. Lee Martinez’s novel The Dragon of Never-Was.

Cool Female Dragon Names

Unleash the fire within with our collection of cool female dragon names. From mythical to modern, find a name that embodies strength, elegance, and uniqueness.

Snowinrth: Snowinrth represents a dragon’s ice breath and might.

Nithentra: The ancient tongue calls female dragon Nithentra ‘blessed’.

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Gerorgina: Gerorgina is a female dragon name that brings luck.

Mikan: The female dragon name Mikan means ‘everlasting beauty’.

Haxrarsa: Female dragon name Haxrarsa denotes fire breath power.

Othricsa: Othricsa, a female dragon, symbolizes dragon knowledge.


Embfieano: The female dragon name Embfieano means protection.

Icebreath: Female dragons are named Icebreath after their cold breath.

Qymintin: A female dragon named Qymintin means ‘strength of the sky’.

Eikainth: The female dragon Eikainth means ‘protector of the air’.

Eshary: Dragon courage is symbolized by Eshary, a female dragon name.

Mersisdeg: A female dragon named Mersisdeg means ‘lightning from the sky’.

Tender: A female dragon named Tender symbolizes strength with a white and chilly breath.

Nynthydy: The female dragon name Nynthydy means ‘fortunate one’.

Zathesria: Zathesria, a female dragon name, symbolizes wing power.

Etoile: The female dragon name Etoile means ‘everlasting beauty’.

Irfel: Female dragon Irfel depicts the grace of a dragon’s flaming breath.

Fel: Dragon courage is symbolized by the female dragon name Fel.

Rytys: The female dragon name Rytys means ‘radiance of the sky’.

Tirsynth: The female dragon Tirsynth means ‘guardian of the stars’.

Torstoain: Torstoain, a female dragon, signifies roaring might.

Deossaiduth: The female dragon Deossaiduth means ‘bearer of hope’.

Ovesria: Ovesria, a female dragon, symbolizes dragon knowledge.

Myrtanra: The female dragon name Myrtanra means ‘everlasting strength’.

Nisrinria: A female dragon named Nisrinria means ‘queen of the night’.

Brytos: The female dragon name Brytos represents dragon heart courage.

Kalala: The female dragon name Kalala means ‘everlasting flames’.

Kipchumba: The female dragon name Kipchumba means ‘protector of the sky’.

Faxrarry: The female dragon Faxrarry means ‘bearer of light’.

Cute Female Dragon Names

Dive into a world of cuteness with our list of adorable names for female dragons. Find a name that captures the essence of your mythical companion.

Fishodrya: Fishodrya, a female dragon, symbolizes wing power.

Inthersy: The female dragon name Inthersy means ‘protector of the earth’.

Laxerra: A female dragon named Laxerra means ‘keeper of secrets’.

Kisrtta: Female dragon name Kisrtta symbolizes dragon spirit strength.

Eldigria: The female dragon Eldigria means ‘keeper of the stars’.

Irden: The female dragon name Irden means ‘protector of the moon’.

Sancri: Sancri means ‘queen of the sea’ in dragon language.

Jailzroit: The female dragon name Jailzroit represents dragon soul insight.

Nuytaa: A female dragon named Nuytaa means ‘keeper of the sun’.


Mishyca: A female dragon named Mishyca means ‘bearer of hope’.

Matilda: Female dragon Matilda symbolizes heart courage.

Hixreca: The female dragon Hixreca means ‘protector of the sky’.

Dayradsun: The female dragon Dayradsun means ‘keeper of the flames’.

Grace: Grace is a female dragon name that means dragon wings are beautiful.

Errier: The female dragon name Errier means ‘protector of the wind’.

Lakshasea: The female dragon Lakshasea means ‘queen of the stars’.

Zaxsiia: The female dragon name Zaxsiia means’sovereign of the heavens’.

Doudaroon: The female dragon Doudaroon means ‘defender of the night’.

Lesriksa: Lesriksa, a female dragon name, symbolizes soul power.

Zesteca: The female dragon Zesteca means ‘protector of the elements’.

Diwinaa: The female dragon name Diwinaa symbolizes a dragon’s roar.

Guswinain: Female dragon Guswinain means ’empress of the night’.

Powerful Female Dragon Names

Unlock the hidden power within these mesmerizing female dragon names. Explore our collection and find the perfect name to command respect and awe in any fantasy realm.

Flaencdra: A flame-colored dragon.

Ziselaer: A dragon whose wings can carry the planet.

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Cusoass: A dragon with diamond-hard scales and sea-powerful breath.

Lady Godiva: Legendary dragon beauty and grace.

Lethadria: A dragon with unequaled power.

Jessie: A dragon with boundless courage and loyalty.

Likiya: A dragon with unrivaled wisdom and compassion.

Darva: A dragon that can turn night into day.

Ormarr: A dragon whose scream can move mountains and whose scales protect secrets.

Cyclone: A dragon with unmatched speed and agility that can fly.

Wuloia: A dragon with unmatched beauty and strength who controls nature.

Myrterstra: A dragon whose fire can melt even the hardest metals.

Xardorth: A smart and clever dragon who can defeat anyone.

Ifreana: All respect a dragon’s magnificent spirit and grace.

Bend Will: A dragon with unmatched strength and resolve who can bring down even the strongest enemies.

Deveerell: A valiant and faithful dragon who would die for its family.

Meraxes: A dragon with magical powers that can dominate the world.

Aurora: A dragon with ancient wisdom that can unveil the universe’s mysteries.

Nirsosria: A dragon that can frighten even the bravest warriors.

Female Dragon Names form Mythology

Uncover the mystique of female dragons with our collection of awe-inspiring names inspired by mythology. Create a legendary persona for your own magical creature with these enchanting choices.

Rivselria: The Mistress of Flames, Rivselria commands the power of fire with her blazing red scales and billowing wings. Known for her fierce temper and unmatched strength, she is a force to be reckoned with in the dragon realm.

Liranna: The Serene Sorceress, Liranna mesmerizes all who encounter her with her shimmering silver scales and graceful movements.

Ocefreake: The Oceanic Fury, Ocefreake is a majestic dragon whose iridescent blue scales mirror the depths of the sea. With her ability to control water and summon powerful storms, she is both feared and respected by all who sail the seas.

Avelora: The Forest Guardian, Avelora blends seamlessly into her lush surroundings with her emerald green scales and leaf-like wings. She possesses an ancient wisdom and protects the creatures of the forest with unwavering devotion.

Systrarya: The Celestial Enchantress, Systrarya radiates a celestial beauty with her iridescent, starry scales that twinkle like the night sky. She possesses otherworldly magic, harnessing the power of the stars and casting spells that can shape destinies.

Charlene: The Fiery Tempest, Charlene is a force to be reckoned with. With her scales ablaze in vibrant hues of red and orange, she commands the power of fire and leaves destruction in her wake.

Sythiltra: The Shadow Stalker, Sythiltra lurks in the shadows with her dark, obsidian scales that blend seamlessly into the night. She is a master of stealth and deception, using her abilities to protect the secrets of the forest from those who seek to exploit them.

Fulpaloon: The Enchanting Songbird, Fulpaloon is a creature of grace and beauty. With feathers that shimmer in hues of blue and green, she possesses the ability to mesmerize others with her enchanting song. Her melodies have the power to heal wounds and soothe troubled hearts.

Rizontie: The Elemental Mage, Rizontie harnesses the raw power of the elements. With fiery red hair and eyes that flicker with lightning, he commands fire, water, earth, and air with ease. His spells can summon raging storms or create tranquil gardens in an instant.

Aevnass: The Forest Guardian, Aevnass is a majestic being with the appearance of a towering tree. His branches reach high into the sky, providing shelter and protection to all creatures within his domain.

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How to find Good Female Dragon Name?

When it comes to finding a good female dragon name, you want something that is both strong and beautiful.

  • One approach is to draw inspiration from mythology. Names like Arya or Isolde evoke strength and power, while still maintaining an air of femininity. Another option is to consider the attributes of your dragon. If she has fiery red scales, perhaps a name like Ember or Scarlet would be fitting. For dragons with a more mysterious and alluring vibe, names like Luna or Serenity can add an enchanting touch.
  • In addition to these traditional methods, don’t forget to think outside the box! Consider looking at other languages for unique and exotic names. For example, the Icelandic word for dragon is Draugur, while in Chinese it is Long. These options offer a fresh twist on naming your dragon and may also open up doors for additional symbolism or storytelling possibilities.
  • Ultimately, the most important aspect of choosing a good female dragon name is finding one that resonates with you and the character you wish to create.


1. What are some popular female dragon names?

Some popular female dragon names include Aurora, Ember, Luna, Seraphina, Nyx, Saphira, Talon, and Zahara.

2. Are there any famous female dragons in mythology or literature?

Yes! A few examples of famous female dragons are Tiamat from Mesopotamian mythology, Viserion from Game of Thrones, and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

3. Can I use these names for my pet lizard or reptile?

Absolutely! These dragon names can be used for any kind of reptile pets like lizards or snakes.

4. Do these names have specific meanings?

While some dragon names may have specific meanings tied to their cultural origins or mythological backgrounds, others are simply creative choices made by their creators.

5. Can I use these names for fictional characters in my stories or games?

Of course! These dragon names can make excellent choices for fictional characters in stories, games, or any other creative projects you’re working on.

6. Are there any unique or rare female dragon names available?

Yes! Some unique and rare options for female dragon names could include Dracilla, Zephyra, Xanthea, Ignatia, Neryssa, Vyrena, Ophidia, and Wyverna.

7. Is there a specific meaning behind the term female in relation to dragons?

When it comes to dragons in fiction or mythology, the term female usually refers to their gender identity rather than reproductive capabilities since dragons are often portrayed as fantastical creatures with various interpretations of gender roles.

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Choosing a female dragon name can be an exciting and creative process. There are countless possibilities to explore, from elegant and regal names to fierce and powerful ones. Whether you want to honor a specific mythology or simply find a name that resonates with your dragon’s personality, there is a name out there waiting for you. So take your time, do your research, and have fun with the process of naming your female dragon. Your chosen name will not only reflect her strength and beauty but also add depth and character to your fantasy world. Happy naming!