150+ Succubus Names That Are Perfect for Fantasy Characters

Succubus Names

Are you curious about succubi?  Get lists of succubus names from mythology to modern times. For a deeper understanding, succubus origin and mythology are provided. This blog post is ideal for choosing a name or learning about succubi.

Succubi are demons who disguise themselves as attractive ladies to entice men. Sexual intercourse drains their victims’ life power. In other accounts, they eat victims’ blood. “Succubus” comes from the Latin for “female devil”.

Many cultures have succubi. Lilin, Mesopotamian demons, entice men and drink their blood. Lilin, demons in Jewish folklore, are not seducers. Instead, Lilith, Adam’s first wife, bore them. Christian tradition associates succubi with lust.

List of Succubus Names

Succubus names vary by culture and tradition. Popular succubus names include—

  • Agrat Bat Mahlat—A Jewish succubus. Lilith’s daughter.
  • Lilith—The first—
  • Naamah—A Jewish succubus. Lilith’s daughter.
  • Sariel—A Jewish succubus. Lilith’s daughter.
  • Succubi—plural of “succubus”.
  • Incubi—plural of “incubus”.
  • Aeshma—Zoroastrian demon. He represents rage and violence.
  • Beelzebub—Christian demon. Often connected with gluttony.
  • Asmodeus—A Jewish demon. His sin is lust.
  • Belial—Christian demon. His sin is pride.
  • Mammon—Christian devil. Often connected with greed.
  • Leviathan—Christian demon. Succubi are attractive demons, yet modern interpretations equate them with sin.
  • Naamah—A Jewish succubus. Lilith’s sister.
  • Incubus—Latin meaning “male demon”.
  • Shekhinah—Jewish succubus. God’s wife.
  • Sariel—A Jewish succubus. Lilith’s daughter.
  • Alecto—Greek Fury.


  • Megaera—A Greek Fury.
  • Tisiphone—Greek Fury.
  • Lamia—A Greek demon. She seduces and kills men.
  • Emmo—German succubus.
  • Melusine—French succubus. She is a serpent-tailed woman.
  • Rusalka—A Slavic mythological succuba. She stalks the forest after dying young.
  • Vila—Slavic succubus. She stalks the forest after dying young.
  • Lilin—Mesopotamian succubus.
  • Jinn—An Arabic succubus.
  • Ifrit—An Arabic succubus.
  • Alastor—A Greek demon. He’s retribution.
  • The Furies—Erinyes in Greek.
  • Iblis—An Arabic monster. He represents evil.
  • Shaitan—An Arabic monster. He represents evil.
  • Azazel—Jewish demon. He leads fallen angels.
  • Samael—A Jewish demon. Often related with envy.


Male Succubus Names

Do you need a masculine succubus name? Want a meaningful name? In this blog post, we’ll look at male succubus names and their meanings to understand their personalities. We hope this list helps you choose a name for your creation!

  • Azazel—A powerful and feared demon who fell from heaven. “Separation” or “God forsaken” are his names.
  • Belial, a strong and feared demon, means “without worth” and is associated with chaos, destruction, and death.
  • Caim—”the archer” or “the hunter”—is a fierce and skilled hunter who preys on the weak.
  • Dantalion – The “knowledgeable one” demon is sought by those seeking forbidden knowledge.
  • Erebus—”darkness” or “the abyss”—is a demon of death and devastation feared by all who know him.
  • Focalor—the “Stormbringer” demon of water and storms-uses his powers to wreak chaos and ruin.
  • Gabriel—a fallen angel whose name means “the helper of God”—is a demon of cunning and treachery who can trick humans into traps.
  • Haagenti, the “changeable one,” is a demon of alchemy and chemistry who can alter things’ very nature.
  • Satan—The demon lord—is malevolent. “Adversary” is his name.
  • Lucifer—”light-bearer”—was the initial angel who fell from heaven and became the ruler of hell.
  • Asmodeus—”the destroyer”—is a demon of lust and luxury linked with gluttony, avarice, and excess.
  • Mammon—whose name means “money”—is a greedy, materialistic devil.
  • Belphegor—”Lord of the Opening”—is a demon of sloth and laziness.
  • Lilith—first Adam’s wife, Lilith is a lustful demon. “Night” is her name.
  • Jezebel—”Unchaste” Jezebel is a beautiful and terrible demon linked with vanity, greed, and desire.
  • Sultana — A demoness of love and seduction, Sultana’s name means “queen.” She is generally connected with luxury, prosperity, and power.
  • Moloch – A demon of child sacrifice, Moloch’s name means “king.” He is generally connected with brutality, bloodshed, and death.
  • Baal — The lord of the underworld, Baal’s name means”master.” He is generally connected with death, destruction, and chaos.


Female Succubus Names

Succubuses have existed for ages in various forms. Succubuses can be good, despite their demonic reputation. This blog will discuss female Succubus names, each with its own meaning and origin.

  • Eisheth Zenunim—The “Mother of Demons” succubi. She’s Samael’s consort and mother of 70 demons. Her name means “evil woman” or “sword of darkness”.
  • Azza—A lesser-known succubus, but powerful. She seduces men and devours their souls. Her name means “strong” or “fierceness”.
  • Naamah—The bible made Naamah the most famous succubus. She seduced Noah and bore him Shem. “Beauty” is her name.
  • Yrelorin—A succubus who can shapeshift into any form. She seduces men and women and loves to steal their souls. “Liar” is her name.
  • Wylinsya—A succubus that captivates men and women with her beauty. She can seduce anyone and use her powers to steal their souls. “Siren” is her name.
  • Mhyrorin—A succubus who can influence men’s and women’s minds. She can seduce anyone and use her powers to steal their souls. “Manipulator” is her name.
  • Nemorvienne—A succubus famed for seducing men and women with her beauty and charm. She can seduce souls. “Forest nymph” is her name.
  • Harelvia—A succubus noted for her beauty. She can seduce souls. “Destroyer” is her name.
  • Orinnixi—”Deadly Beautiful” or “Deadly Charming”.
  • Island woman or sea nymph—Yniselin.
  • Nessvielle—Nessvielle can seduce anyone into surrendering her soul. Her name means “deadly lovely” or “charming”.
  • Zrixesha—”Alluring” or “Irresistible”
  • Uhrith—“dark and mysterious” or “alluring and dangerous”.
  • Krynienne—A succubus, Krynienne may entice men and women with her black beauty. She can seduce souls. Her name means “black and mysterious” or “alluring and dangerous”.
  • Wylinana—A succubus with dark beauty, Wylinana seduces men and women. She can seduce souls. Her name means “black and mysterious” or “alluring and dangerous”.


How to find a great Succubus Name

Finding a wonderful Succubus name for your character is one of the most exciting yet difficult chores for any roleplayer. It may sound difficult, but with a little research, creativity, and attention, anyone can select a unique, meaningful, and character-fitting name. We’ve included some tips to help you choose a wonderful Succubus name. Create a wonderful character name by brainstorming, reading mythology, and using internet generators. Let’s brainstorm fantastic Succubus names.

  • First, brainstorm your name preferences. You may desire a beautiful, lyrical, or dark, sensual name. You might desire a strong or charming name. Start searching for a name after you know what you want.
  • Mythology can help find a Succubus name. Modern fiction and media employ many names from different cultures, so you may find inspiration here. Names frequently have meaning, which can help you establish your character.
  • Use online name generators. These can inspire new ideas. The generator will generate a list of names based on the keywords you enter.
  • Lastly, enjoy it! Don’t sweat over choosing a name—enjoy it. Take a break and return if you’re stuck. You’ll find a Succubus name you like with some effort.


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Final words

Succubi are represented as seductive creatures with numerous names. Lilith, Eve, Lady Gaga, and Scarlet are common succubi names. These are names, not succubus types. There are names for seductive pets and powerful enchantresses!