80+ Japanese Names That Mean Water

japanese names that mean water

Have you ever wondered about the meanings behind Japanese names? Japan is a country rich in culture and tradition, and names hold a special significance in Japanese society. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Japanese names that mean water.

Water is a powerful and elemental force, and it is no surprise that it has inspired many beautiful and meaningful names in the Japanese language.

We will delve into the symbolism and significance of these names, explore their origins, and discover the three main types of water-related names commonly found in Japanese culture. So, let’s dive in and unravel the depths of Japanese names that embody the essence of water.

Male Japanese Names That Mean Water

Discover the beauty of Japanese names meaning water. Find the perfect aquatic-inspired name for your child with our comprehensive list.

Kaito (海斗) – Ocean and big dipper (constellation).

Kaiya (海哉) – Ocean and how.

Suijin (水神) – Water god.

Umi (海) – Sea.

Ami (亜美) – Asia and beauty, often associated with the Pacific Ocean.

Seiji (清司) – Clean and pure, like water.

Tsurumi (鶴海) – Crane and sea.

Isana (勇水) – Brave water.

Mizukiyo (水夜) – Water and night.

Kaisa (海佐) – Ocean and assistant.

Haruki (陽輝) – Sunlight and radiance, like water reflecting the sun.

Taiki (大樹) – Big tree, often found near water sources.

Suihiko (水彦) – Water prince.

Kaitaro (海太郎) – Big ocean and son.

Nagareta (流田) – Field by the flowing water.

Mizuaki (水秋) – Water and autumn.

Kiyomizu (清水) – Clean water, often associated with famous temples.

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Shizuku (雫)

Minakata (水形) – Water shape.

Natsui (夏水) – Summer water.

Aomizu (青水) – Blue water.

Suihime (水姫) – Water princess.

Hirose (広瀬) – Broad river, often associated with flowing water.

Mizusawa (水沢) – Water marsh.

Yutaka (豊) – Abundance, like a river’s flow.

Mizuhiko (水彦) – Water prince.

Taisei (大清) – Big and clear, like pristine water.

Shiranui (不知火) – Unknown fire, often associated with mysterious water phenomena.

Kawaguchi (川口) – River mouth.

Yasui (安井) – Peaceful well, symbolizing clean water.

Mizugami (水神) – Water deity.

Japanese Girl Names That Mean Water

Looking for Japanese girl names that mean water? Dive into our collection of elegant and serene names with beautiful aquatic meanings.

Mizuki (水樹) – Water and tree.

Nagisa (渚) – Seashore.

Nami (波) – Wave.

Mizuho (瑞穂) – Abundant ears of rice and water.

Shizuku (雫) – Drop of water.

Mizuka (水香) – Water and fragrance.

Sumire (菫) – Violet, often associated with water scenes.

Suzu (涼) – Refreshing, like cool water.

Haruhi (春日) – Spring and sun, often associated with water in spring.

Mizuhime (水姫) – Water Princess.

Mizuna (水菜) – Watercress.

Mizushita (水下) – Underwater.

Mio (澪) – Waterway.

Yumiko (夢子) – Dreamchild, like a tranquil water dream.

Kozue (梢) – Treetop, often associated with water reflections.

Suihana (水花) – Water flower.

Asuha (明日葉) – Leaf of tomorrow, like a freshwater source.

Ayumi (歩水) – Walking on water.

Minami (水南) – South of the water.

Suzumi (涼実) – Refreshing and fruit, like water and its bounty.

Shizuka (静香) – Quiet fragrance, like calm water.

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Mizukiyo (水夜) – Water and night.

Miharu (美春) – Beautiful spring, like flowing water in spring.

Mizushige (水重) – Heavy with water.

Ruka (瑠香) – Lapis lazuli and fragrance, often associated with water.

Minaho (美奈穂) – Beautiful ears of rice and water.

Mizuyo (水代) – Water generation.

Kanami (香波) – Fragrance and wave, like a scented breeze over water.

Unisex Japanese Names That Mean Water

Uncover the allure of unisex Japanese names meaning water – embrace the rich cultural significance with our curated collection.

Mizuto (水都) – Water capital.

Mizusora (水空) – Water and sky.

Mizuha (水葉) – Water leaf.

Mizue (水恵) – Water blessing.

Mio (澪) – Waterway.

Mizushita (水下) – Underwater.

Miku (美空) – Beautiful sky, often associated with water reflections.

Mizukaze (水風) – Water and wind.

Mizukumo (水雲) – Water and clouds.

Mizuki (美月) – Beautiful moon and water.

Suiho (水穂) – Water ears of rice.

Kaisa (海佐)

Tsumugi (紬) – Silk, often associated with the smoothness of water.

Suiju (水珠) – Water droplet.

Mizushima (水島) – Water island.

Minatsu (美夏津) – Beautiful summer harbor.

Nagisa (渚) – Seashore (unisex option).

Umi (海) – Sea (unisex option).

Sui (水) – Water (unisex option).


Japanese names that mean water hold great significance and beauty in their meanings. The deeply rooted cultural connection to water is reflected in the diverse range of names inspired by its essence. From the tranquil and soothing to the powerful and dynamic, these names offer a rich tapestry of symbolism and imagery.

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