100+ Greatest Nicknames for Boxing of All Time!

Nicknames for Boxing

Discover the coolest and most iconic nicknames for boxing legends. From Iron Mike to The Greatest, explore the history and meaning behind these nicknames.

In the world of boxing, nicknames are as iconic as the fighters themselves. They serve as a badge of honour, revealing a glimpse into the fighter’s personality and style.

From Iron Mike Tyson to The Greatest Muhammad Ali, these nicknames become part of boxing lore and are often uttered with reverence by fans around the globe.

Nicknames for Boxing

Unveiling the untold stories of boxing’s legendary nicknames. Step into the ring and uncover the origins and significance of these memorable titles.

Iron Man: Emile Griffith: Griffith earned this reputation because of his unrelenting fighting style, which made him a fearsome opponent.

The Lion: Lennox Lewis: Lewis’s strength and strong blows made him look like a lion in the ring, hence his name.

The Upstate Onion Farmer: Carmen Basilio: Basilio’s unique nickname comes from his rustic origins in upstate New York, where he farmed onions before boxing.

Sweet Pea: Pernell Whitaker:   Whitaker’s fast, graceful boxing was like a sweet pea swaying in the wind, earning him this nickname.

Macho: Hector Camacho: This nickname was given to Camacho because of his flashy boxing style, which made him famous.

Irish: Micky Ward: Ward’s Irish roots and fierce boxing style earned him this nickname.

Dr. Ironfist: Vitali Klitschko : Klitschko was nicknamed “the Doctor of Ironfist” for his devastating blows.

The Pazmanian Devil: Vinny Paz: Paz’s relentless and violent boxing style earned him the nickname “Tasmanian Devil.”

The G: Man: Gerald McClellan: McClellan was known as “The G: Man” for his powerful and terrifying boxing style.

Ruby Robert: Bob Fitzsimmons: Fitzsimmons was nicknamed “Ruby Robert” for his red hair and powerful fists.

The Filipino Flash: Nonito Donaire: Donaire’s lightning: fast punches and boxing agility earned him a crowd favorite, earning him this nickname.

Boom Boom: Ray Mancini: The nickname “Boom Boom” came from Mancini’s powerful and explosive punches.

The Brown Bomber: Joe Louis: Louis was called “The Brown Bomber” for his devastating fists.

The Caesar of Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez: The epithet “The Caesar of Boxing” was given to Chavez owing to his remarkable 87: win streak, frightening presence in the ring, and powerful and accurate punching.

Easton Assassin: Larry Holmes: Holmes’ powerful and accurate punches, long reach, and propensity to knockout opponents rapidly earned him the nickname “Easton Assassin”.

Fighting: Masahiko Harada: Harada was called “Fighting” because of his powerful punches and never: say: die mentality in the boxing ring.

The Brockton Blockbuster: Rocky Marciano: Marciano was called “The Brockton Blockbuster” for his powerful and accurate punches.

Golden Bantam: Eder Jofre: Jofre was called “Golden Bantam” owing to his 72 victories and 2 draws and his dominance in bantamweight.

Old Master: Joe Gans: Gans got the nickname “Old Master” for his boxing expertise and skill.

The Mighty Atom: Jimmy Wilde: Wilde was nicknamed “The Mighty Atom” for his diminutive stature and powerful punches.

The Invincible Eagle: Salvador Sanchez: Sanchez got the nickname “The Invincible Eagle” due to his 44 wins and 1 draw record his featherweight dominance.

The Real Deal: Evander Holyfield: Holyfield was dubbed “The Real Deal” for his 44 wins and 10 losses his ability to overcome opponents inside and outside the ring.

Hands of Stone: Roberto Duran: Duran was nicknamed “Hands of Stone” for his 103 wins, 70 of them by knockout, and his powerful hitting strength.

The Golden Boy: Oscar De La Hoya: Due to his 39 victories and 6 losses and his charismatic and flashy manner in the ring, De La Hoya was dubbed “The Golden Boy”.

Kid Chocolate: Eligio Sardiñas Montalvo: Montalvo was nicknamed “Kid Chocolate” for his 115 victories and 8 losses and his agile and skilled boxing technique.

Barney Ross- Dov: Ber Rasofsky: Rasofsky was nicknamed “Barney Ross” for his aggressive fighting style and 72 victories, 4 draws, and 6 losses.

Thunder from Down Under: Kostya Tszyu: Tszyu was nicknamed “Thunder from Down Under” for his 31 wins and 2 loses, powerful punches, and aggressive attitude.

Big Daddy: Riddick Bowe: Bowe was nicknamed “Big Daddy” for his 42 victories and 1 loss and intimidating ring demeanor.

Sugar: Ray Robinson: Robinson acquired the nickname “Sugar Ray” for his 173 victories and 19 loses and his smooth boxing style.

The Bronze Bomber: Deontay Wilder: Wilder was dubbed “The Bronze Bomber” for his 41 victories and 1 defeat his strong punching and knockout power.

The Professor: Azumah Nelson: Nelson was nicknamed “The Professor” for his 39 victories and 6 losses and tactical fighting style.

The Michigan Assassin: Stanley Ketchel: Ketchel was nicknamed “The Michigan Assassin” for his aggressive and relentless fighting style and 50: win, 4: loss record.

Dick Tiger: Richard Ihetu: Ihetu was nicknamed “Dick Tiger” for his 57 victories and 14 losses, defensive strategy, and counter: punching.

The Bodysnatcher: Mike McCallum: Due to his 55 victories and 5 losses and body punching style, McCallum was nicknamed “The Bodysnatcher”.

Canelo: Saul Alvarez: Alvarez gained the nickname “Canelo” for his 54 victories and 2 loses, powerful punches, and constant pressure.

Marvellous: Marvin Hagler: Hagler was nicknamed “Marvellous” for his 62 victories and 3 losses and his aggressive and hard: hitting style.

The Gypsy King: Tyson Fury: Fury was dubbed “The Gypsy King” for his 30 wins and 0 losses, quick footwork, and superb counterpunching.

The Galveston Giant: Jack Johnson: Johnson was dubbed “The Galveston Giant” for his 73 victories and 13 losses, defensive prowess, and strong chin.

Man of Steel: Tony Zale: Zale was called “Man of Steel” for his 67 wins and 13 loses, iron will, and persistent pressure.

Toy Bulldog: Mickey Walker: Walker acquired the nickname “Toy Bulldog” for his 111 wins and 20 losses and his unrelenting aggression and pressure.

Barney Ross- Dov

Sugar: Ray Leonard: Leonard was nicknamed “Sugar” for his 36 victories and 3 losses, quickness, and combo punching.

PacMan: Manny Pacquiao: Pacquiao was nicknamed “PacMan” for his 62 victories and 7 losses, intense work ethic, and relentless pressure.

Jinx: Michael Spinks: Spinks was dubbed “Jinx” for his 31: win, 1: loss record, boxing prowess, and winning run.

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali: Ali was called “The Greatest” for his 56 wins and 5 losses, as well as his unmatched theatrics and technical prowess.

The Hawk: Julian Jackson: Jackson was nicknamed “The Hawk” for his 55 wins and 6 losses, hard punching, and strong defense.

The Pittsburgh Kid: Billy Conn: Conn was nicknamed “The Pittsburgh Kid” for his 61 wins and 11 loses and his quick reactions and footwork.

The Boston Strong Boy: John L. Sullivan: Sullivan was dubbed “The Boston Strong Boy” for his 38 victories and 1 loss, aggressive style, and powerful punching.

Pirolo: Teofilo Stevenson: Stevenson was nicknamed “Pirolo” for his 302 wins and 6 loses and tremendous punching and defense.

Black Uhlan of the Rhine: Max Schmeling: Schmeling was nicknamed “The Black Uhlan of the Rhine” for his 56 wins and 10 losses, rapid reflexes, and defensive tactics.

Thunder: Arturo Gatti: Gatti was called “Thunder” because his 40 victories and 9 losses, aggressive approach, and strong punching.

The Executioner: Bernard Hopkins: Hopkins was dubbed “The Executioner” for his 55 wins and 8 losses, ruthless manner, and defensive skill.

Smokin’ Joe: Joe Frazier: Frazier was nicknamed “Smokin’ Joe” for his 32 victories and 4 losses, unrelenting aggression, and powerful punches.

Junito: Miguel Cotto: Cotto was nicknamed “Junito” for his 41 victories and 6 losses, skillful boxing, and defensive skills.

The Fearsome: Jose Luis Castillo: Castillo was nicknamed “The Fearsome” for his 66 wins and 12 losses, aggressive style, and powerful punching.

The Big Bear: Sonny Liston: Liston was nicknamed “The Big Bear” for his 50 victories and 4 loses, frightening stature, and strong punch.

Superman: Roy Jones Jr: Jones was nicknamed “Superman” for his 66 victories and 9 losses, lightning: fast reflexes, and amazing agility.

The Hawk: Aaron Pryor: Pryor was nicknamed “The Hawk” for his 39 victories and 1 loss, unrelenting aggression, and tremendous punching.

Iron: Mike Tyson: Tyson was called “Iron” owing to his 50 victories and 6 loses, menacing aura, and deadly hitting strength.

Dr. Steelhammer: Wladimir Klitschko: Klitschko’s 64 victories and 5 losses, combined with his height and technical boxing skills, gave him the nickname “Dr. Steelhammer”.

The Old: Mongoose: Archie Moore: Moore got the nickname “The Mongoose” owing to his 186 victories and 23 losses, lightning: fast reflexes, and unmatched agility.

The Fighting Marine: Gene Tunney: Tunney was called “The Fighting Marine” for his 65 wins and 1 loss, tenacity, and stamina.

Ruby Robert

The Kid TNT: Meldrick Taylor: Taylor was dubbed “Kid TNT” for his 41 victories and 4 losses, persistent aggression, and explosive punching strength.

The Pittsburgh Windmill: Harry Greb: Greb was known as “The Pittsburgh Windmill” owing to his 262 victories and 23 losses, persistent work ethic, and constant punches.

Gentleman Jim: James J. Corbett: Corbett was nicknamed “Gentleman Jim” for his 33 victories and 3 loses, skillful boxing, and gentlemanly demeanor.

Tito: Felix Trinidad: Trinidad was nicknamed “Tito” for his 42 victories and 3 loses, deadly punches, and unrelenting aggression.

Bulldog of Bergen: James J. Braddock: Braddock was known as “The Bulldog of Bergen” owing to his 54: win, 25: loss record and ferocious fighting style.

Dynamite: Juan Manuel Marquez: Marquez was called “Dynamite” for his 56 victories and 7 loses, explosive punching strength, and lightning: quick reflexes.

Our ‘Enry: Henry Cooper: Cooper acquired the nickname “Our ‘Enry” owing to his 40 victories and 14 loses, devastating left hook, and strength.

Money: Floyd Mayweather Jr: Mayweather Jr. was nicknamed “Money” for his 50: 0 record, technical skill, and ability to outwit his opponents.

Lights Out: James Toney: Toney was nicknamed “Lights Out” for his 76 wins and 10 losses, hard: hitting punches, and lightning: fast speed.

Homicide Hank: Henry Armstrong: Armstrong was dubbed “Homicide Hank” owing to his 151 wins and 21 losses, powerful punches, and unrelenting aggression.

Pride of Wales: Joe Calzaghe: Calzaghe was nicknamed “Pride of Wales” for his 46 wins and 0 losses, outstanding boxing, and impressive footwork.

The Explosive Thin Man: Alexis Arguello: Arguello was dubbed “The Explosive Thin Man” for his 82 wins and 8 losses, deadly punches, and lightning: fast combinations.

The Black Hercules: Ken Norton: Norton was dubbed “The Black Hercules” owing to his 42 wins and 7 losses, muscular body, and unrelenting pressure tactics.

The Gentleman of Boxing: Floyd Patterson: Patterson acquired the nickname “The Gentleman of Boxing” for his 55 victories and 8 losses, smooth style, and sportsmanship.

The Chinaman: Marcos Maidana: Maidana acquired the nickname “The Chinaman” for his 35 victories and 5 losses, unrelenting pressure, and deadly power.

The Baby Faced Assassin: Marco Antonio Barrera: Barrera was dubbed “The Baby: Faced Assassin” for his 67 victories and 7 losses, superb defense, and persistent body attack.

Butter: Jose Napoles: Napoles was nicknamed “Butter” for his 81 wins and 7 losses and his perfect technique and precision.

The Radar: Wilfred Benitez: Benitez was nicknamed “The Radar” for his 53 victories and 8 losses, lightning: fast reactions, and unmatched defense.

Rockabye: Ruben Olivares: Olivares was nicknamed “Rockabye” for his 89 wins and 13 loses, unrelenting aggression, and knockout power.

Prince Naseem: Naseem Hamed: Hamed was dubbed “Prince Naseem” for his 36 victories and 1 loss, captivating footwork, and deadly combinations.

Triple G: Gennadiy Gennadyevich Golovkin: Golovkin was nicknamed “Triple G” for his 40 victories and 1 loss, powerful jab, and precise accuracy.

Will o’ the Wisp: Willie Pep: Pep was nicknamed “Will o’ the Wisp” for his 229 victories and 11 losses, deceptive footwork, and lightning: fast hands.

Will o' the Wisp

Shotgun: Carlos Monzon: Monzon was nicknamed “Shotgun” for his 87 victories and 3 losses, tremendous power, and unrelenting pressure.

Big George: George Foreman: Foreman was nicknamed “Big George” for his 76 victories and 5 losses, unrelenting aggression, and devastating punches.

The Mechanic: Tony Canzoneri: Canzoneri was nicknamed “The Mechanic” for his 137 victories and 17 losses, precise technique, and clinical accuracy.

Sugar: Shane Moseley: Moseley was nicknamed “Sugar” for his 49 wins and 10 losses and his hallmark speed and power.

The Clown Prince of Boxing: Max Baer: Max Baer was known for his bright style and gregarious nature outside the ring.

Boston Tar Baby: Sam Langford: Sam Langford was known for his toughness in the ring and ability to never fall.

AJ: Anthony Joshua: Anthony Joshua’s relentless boxing earned him this nickname.

Kid Gavilan: Gerardo Gonzalez: Gerardo Gonzalez was a strong lightweight competitor due to his lightning: fast hand speed.

The Cincinnati Cobra: Ezzard Charles: Ezzard Charles was known for his beautiful boxing, which resembled a cobra.

Jersey Joe: Jersey Joe Walcott: Jersey Joe Walcott’s hard: hitting style and never: say: die mentality earned him this nickname.

The Hitman: Thomas Hearns: Thomas Hearns was nicknamed for his persistent and powerful punches that knocked out opponents easily.

Mormon Mauler: Gene Fullmer: Gene Fullmer was known as one of the toughest boxers due to his aggressive, hard: hitting style.

The Refined: Ricardo Lopez: Ricardo Lopez was known for his precise punch placement and strategic fighting style.

The Manassa Mauler: Jack Dempsey: Jack Dempsey was one of the most feared boxers of his day due to his aggressive and relentless approach.

Ghetto Wizard: Benny Leonard: A intelligent and methodical boxer, Benny Leonard used his footwork and defense to fool his opponents.

The Bronx Bull: Jake LaMotta: Jake LaMotta was known for his relentless fighting technique, which wore down opponents and won several tight contests.

Sandy: Joseph “Joey” Saddler: Joseph “Joey” Saddler was known for his powerful punches that defeated his opponents and ended battles swiftly.


1. What are some popular boxing nicknames?

Some popular boxing nicknames include Iron Mike Tyson, Money Mayweather, and The Greatest Muhammad Ali.

2. How do boxers get their nicknames?

Boxers often earn their nicknames through their fighting style, personality traits, or unique background stories.

3. Are all boxing nicknames intimidating?

No, not all boxing nicknames are intimidating. Some may be more focused on highlighting a boxer’s skills or characteristics rather than instilling fear.

4. Can boxers choose their own nicknames?

Yes, boxers can choose their own nicknames if they’re not already given one by fans or the media.

5. Do female boxers have unique nicknames?

Yes, female boxers also have unique and impressive nicknames like The First Lady of Boxing Cecilia Braekhus and La Pantera Amanda Serrano.

6. Are there any famous boxing duos with matching or complementary nicknames?

Yes, notable examples include the duo of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko known as the Klitschko Brothers, and the legendary pairing of Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Marvelous Hagler.

7. Can trainers or coaches also have popular boxing-related nicknames?

Absolutely! Trainers or coaches in the boxing world often have well-known nicknames like Freddie Roach (The Wild Card) or Angelo Dundee (The Master Motivator).

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Overall, whether it signifies strength or speed, resilience or tenacity, a great boxing nickname is much more than just an identifier; it becomes part of a legacy. These succinct titles provide insight into fighters’ characteristics while adding intrigue to every