250+ Siren Names: Sweetest, Feminine & Daring Names

Siren Names

Have you ever heard stories of mermaids and Sirens, with their amazing songs exerting enormous power? Each mythical creature has a name and a meaning in our awareness. This blog will investigate Siren Names, their meanings, and origins to help you comprehend the power and mystery of these wonderful animals. Read on to discover the rich and diverse world of Siren Names!

Siren myths have been told in many civilizations for millennia. These creatures have been part of our culture since the ancient Greeks wrote about them.

In Greek mythology, sirens enticed sailors to their deaths with their seductive songs. In some legends, they had fish tails as well as bird bodies and lady heads.

Sirens continue to fascinate despite their lethal reputation. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Game of Thrones have featured them in recent years. Who could forget The Little Mermaid, one of the most famous Sirens?

How to find a good Siren Name?

Need a great siren name? Finding the perfect name is easier than you think! Follow this guide to find your siren name!

  • Consider the name’s meaning and sound. Create a siren name by combining names from your list. To form “Auroracle,” mix “Aurora” with “Celeste.”
  • Second, analyze your siren name’s story. Your name’s origins? Share a meaning or history? Your siren name should represent you and what you wish to express.
  • Create! Siren names have no rules. Be creative!
  • Make sure your siren name represents you. Enjoy! Make your siren name fun.


Siren Names With Meaning

Sirens have existed for centuries. Long ago, these sea goddesses of Greek mythology enticed mariners to the rocks with their enticing singing voices. In recent times, their names have been repurposed to celebrate personalities in pop culture, from superheroes to music singers. Today, we’re exploring an intriguing collection of siren names with surprising meanings!

  • Lorelei: This German name means “murmuring rock.” Lorelei, a Rhine River siren, lived on a rock. She would lure seafarers to their deaths with her seductive singing voice.
  • Desiree: French for “desired.” It’s a variation of Desire, from the Latin word desiderium, meaning “longing.”
  • Rane: “Squall” in Scandinavian. Rane, a Norse giantess and storm spirit, wrecked ships with her fierce winds.
  • Azura: “blue” in Arabic. It’s a variation of Azure, which means “sky blue.”
  • Naida: This Greek name means “wave.” Naida was one of the Nereids, sea nymphs who were the daughters of the sea god Nereus.
  • Tethys: This Greek name means “grandmother.” Tethys, the Titan goddess of the oceans, married Oceanus. She was the mother of the rivers, springs, and streams.
  • Calypso: “She who hides.” Ogygia’s nymph Calypso appeared in Homer’s Odyssey. She imprisoned Odysseus for seven years until he could return home.
  • Marina: This Latin name means “of the sea.” Marina was the name of a Roman goddess who was the protector of seafarers. She often held an anchor or rode a dolphin.
  • Pisces: This Latin name means “fish.” February 19:March 20 births are Pisces. It is also the name of a constellation of stars.
  • Thelxiepeia: This Greek name means “delightful appearance.” Thelxiepeia was one of the Pleiades, a group of seven sisters who were the daughters of Atlas and Pleione.
  • Aphrodite: This Greek name means “foam:born.” Aphrodite was the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. She was commonly shown riding a chariot pulled by two white doves.
  • Selene: This Greek name means “moon.” Selene was the goddess of the moon and the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. She illuminated the earth from a chariot.
  • Morgalla
  • Merenna
  • Thelise
  • Dalime
  • Sereshell
  • Lagurinda
  • Nedanohre
  • Dalille
  • Caliphaeia
  • Talolei
  • Alushi
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Female Siren Names

An amazing collection of female siren names and their meanings will be explored today. Follow along to discover the details and be astonished!

  • Aella: This name means “whirlwind.” It suits a powerful, determined character.
  • Aglaopheme: This name means “glorious voice.” It would be perfect for a character with a beautiful singing voice.
  • Ajyin: “Devil woman.” Ajyin might be an amazing name for a villainous character.
  • Cyrene: This name means “daughter of the north wind.” Cyrene suits a wintery character.
  • Davethi: “Beloved” A kind and compassionate person deserves this name.
  • Electra: “Bright” or “Shining.” It suits ambitious and successful people.
  • Earth:Gaia. A green character could be named Gaia.
  • Glaucus: “Blue:green” or “sea:colored.” It suits a water character.
  • Kymothoe: “Wave.” It suits a water:related persona.
  • Lampetia:”shining”: It would be great for a character who is full of brightness and happiness.
  • Leucosia: This word means “white” or “clear.” It suits a pure character.
  • Lyra: Lyre. It would suit a creative or musical nature.
  • Melissa: Honey bee. It suits a hard worker.
  • Minthe: Mint. It suits a new character.
  • Ocyrrhoe: “swift:flowing.” It suits a quick:thinking, active character.
  • Parthenope: “Maiden’s Voice.” It would suit a pure:hearted youthful individual.
  • Phorcys:”sea monster”: It suits a dark and mysterious character.
  • Plexaure: “Gold:woven.” It’s ideal for royalty.
  • Rhodes: “rose.” It suits a delicate, elegant character.
  • Teles: “Faraway.” A longing character would love it.
  • Thelxiope: “Wishful thinking.” It would suit a hopeful character.
  • Thetis: “sea goddess”: It suits a forceful character.
  • Smoke: Tutunus. It suits a dark and mysterious character.
  • Vesti: “clothing.” It suits a trendy character.
  • Xanthus: “golden”: It suits a precious character.
  • Abamellia
  • Iarei
  • Genilis
  • Salodella
  • Petinohre
  • Tanianilla
  • Kleoliana
  • Zharina
  • Marynora
  • Asiphaia

How to find a Good Siren name

Mermaid Siren Names

Have you pondered where to locate mermaid and siren names? Lucky you! This site discusses interesting mermaid siren names and their meanings. Surprise!

  • Lorelei: Greek siren Lorelei inspired this name. She allegedly drowned sailors with her singing voice. Lorelei means “temptress” or “seducer.”
  • Amphitrite: Poseidon’s wife and sea goddess. She was pictured as a beautiful mermaid. Amphitrite means “sea goddess.”
  • Thetis, Achilles’ mother, was a sea nymph. The Odyssey was about her. Thetis means “sea nymph.”
  • Poseidon’s nereids were sea nymphs. Beautiful mermaids were commonly depicted. Nereid means “sea daughter.”
  • Calypso: Greek nymph Calypso dwelt on Ogy.
  • Ariel: The Tempest’s minor character Ariel. She was a beautiful, singing air spirit. Ariel means “lion of God.”
  • Delphi: A Greek sea nymph. Poseidon’s daughter and Apollo’s grandma. Delphi means “Poseidon’s granddaughter.”
  • Naiad: Greek naiads dwelt in springs, rivers, and lakes. Their god was Apollo. Naiad means “water nymph.”
  • Myrmidons: Ant:born legendary beings. Brave warriors. Ant:named Myrmidon.
  • Thava
  • Vivielure
  • Sireissa
  • Adopise
  • Corearenna
  • Adrelina
  • Generis
  • Pirethusa
  • Doriashell
  • Phirise
  • Nautirin
  • Noera
  • Poreipise
  • Nerimene


Mythical Siren Names

Looking for intriguing mythical siren names with meanings? Done! Today we present a long list of names and their possible meanings. You’ll find something surprising here, whether you’re seeking for a tale idea, a character name, or a lovely name!

  • Ino : The mythical siren’s song may entice seafarers to their deaths.
  • Leucosia : The mythical siren had the face of a beautiful woman and the body of a terrible sea monster.
  • Ligeia, meaning “bright one” or “clear:voiced one,” is the name of the most beautiful mythical siren.
  • Parthenope:meaning “maiden’s face”:is named after the mythical siren who founded Naples.
  • Aglaophonos:”clear:voiced.” Greek. Aglaophonos comes from Aglaophon.
  • Dexamene means “heavenly one” and refers to the mythical siren with an angelic voice.
  • Molpe:”singing”:is related with the mythical siren who could enter anyone who heard her sing.
  • Peisinoe : Peisinoe means “violence:in:wrath” and is related with the mythical siren who was ferocious and savage.
  • Ran : Ran means “robber” or “plunderer” and is related with the mythical siren who sang sailors to their deaths.
  • Rhoda : The mythical siren Rhoda was lovely and gentle.
  • Themiste : This name means “divine law” and is associated with the mythological siren who was said to have been the most beautiful and wise of all the sirens.
  • Urania : The fabled siren Themiste, whose name means “divine law,” was the most beautiful and wise.
  • Bedlam : The fabled siren Bedlam was wild and chaotic.
  • Echo : The mythical siren Echo could mimic voices.
  • Merope:”melodious”:is a mythical name.
  • Plouto:”wealth”:is related with the mythical siren who could enter anyone who heard her singing.
  • Styx means “hateful” or “detestable” and is related with the mythical siren who was the most dreaded and detested.
  • Talos means “sunburned” or “red:faced” and is related with the mythical siren who was the most terrible and vicious.
  • Astethylia
  • Serewen
  • Vivialina
  • Manophe
  • Aereve
  • Yawai
  • Nesasise
  • Fontanah
  • Nalin
  • Phisise
  • Adririth
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Greek Mythology Siren Names

Greek mythology’s Siren? Did you know each mythical creature had a distinct name and meaning? See the List of Greek Mythology Siren Names with Meaning, which astonished us too!

  • Aglaophonos was a Siren with the head and chest of a woman and the body of a bird. “Beautiful voice” is her name.
  • Molpe, the wind:controlling Siren. Song is her name.
  • Peisinoë: One of the Sirens, Peisinoë lured seafarers with her voice before slaying them.
  • Parthenope: Parthenope, a Siren, lured seafarers with her voice before killing them.
  • Aglaopheme: One of the Sirens, Aglaopheme lured seafarers with her voice before slaying them.
  • Oeagrus: One of the Sirens, Oeagrus lured and killed sailors with her voice.
  • Raidne: One of the Sirens, Raidne lured and killed mariners with her voice.
  • Iris: Iris was a Siren who lured sailors before killing them.
  • Arge: Arge, a Siren, lured seafarers with her voice before killing them.
  • Thessashell
  • Coraerinda
  • Sabrithise
  • Galilinai
  • Meloshell
  • Nanella
  • Doneva
  • Petilane
  • Ianope
  • Thessafer
  • Amane
  • Callilira
  • Calolira
  • Corata
  • Chalis


Male Siren Names

A list of male siren names with meanings? Ours too! This site introduces this intriguing collection of male siren names. We know the significance of all these strange names. Let’s explore these intriguing names and their meanings!

  • Aidon: “Sunsong.” This name is great for a sun:like son.
  • Alcaeus: “Song strength.” A boy who will be a brilliant singer or musician should be named thus.
  • Arion: Melodious. A son whose voice brings joy to others should be named thus.
  • Eros:”love.” This is a lovely name for a son who will spread love and joy.
  • Orpheus:”song.” This is a beautiful name for a son who is destined to be a famous singer or musician.
  • Philemon: “Kisses.” This is a lovely name for a son who will spread love and joy.
  • Philomen: This name means ” beloved.” This is a great name for a son who will be cherished by all who meet him.
  • Zephyrus: This name means ” west wind.” This is a fantastic name for a son who is as free and wild as the wind.
  • Liston: This name means ” happy music.” This is a beautiful name for a son who is born to offer joy and happiness to everyone around him with his voice.
  • Sotiris: This name means ” rescuer.” This is a fantastic name for a son who is destined to alter the world.
  • Nahsana
  • Daphicea
  • Oaranora
  • Echitai
  • Sereirial
  • Iphanisse
  • Iaseise
  • Morgareida
  • Sireimara
  • Oceasea
  • Nadata
  • Mirarin
  • Hiliana
  • Nesacea
  • Nephecine
  • Themitiax
  • Kleliana
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Evil Siren Names

Have you ever heard of an evil siren? If so, you’re certainly familiar with the disconcerting power of their mesmerising voices. But do you know the names of these fabled creatures? Let’s study a collection of nasty siren names and their distinguishing meanings : you’ll be amazed how terrifying some of these names really are!

  • Lamia: The first name on our list is Lamia, a Greek mythological monster with the capacity to modify her appearance. She’s commonly characterised as having a woman’s upper body and a serpentine lower body : a very horrific sight. Lamia was infamous for luring sailors to their fate with her beautiful voice and then devouring them.
  • The Melusine: The Melusine is a siren:like creature from French folklore. She often assumes the shape of a woman with a fishtail : similar to a mermaid. The Melusine is fabled to entice men with her beauty and then lure them to their fate.
  • Teiglin: Teiglin is a siren from Irish mythology. She’s claimed to dwell in the River Teiglin and entice seafarers to their death with her mesmerising singing
  • Sedna: Sedna is an Inuit goddess who’s commonly associated with sea monsters and sirens. She’s claimed to live at the bottom of the ocean and would often lure seafarers to their deaths.
  • Rusalka: Rusalka is a siren:like monster from Slavic folklore. She’s claimed to haunt rivers and lakes, tempting men to their watery graves with her singing. Rusalka is generally represented as a young woman with long, flowing hair.
  • Merrow: Merrow is a sort of siren from Irish legend. They’re thought to dwell in the ocean and typically take the guise of gorgeous mermaids. Merrows are fabled to entice seafarers to their doom with their beautiful singing.
  • Eirerial
  • Lailla
  • Sherissa
  • Diamora
  • Asteorila
  • Melimoni
  • Loraimare
  • Rhenemeine
  • Mellonora
  • Hynella
  • Maryleh
  • Morgadina
  • Doriawen
  • Dioles

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Final Words

So, there you have it! The conclusion of siren names is that they all have meaning behind them, and are named after the first siren, Parthenope. Do you know of any additional species with similar naming conventions? Let us know in the comments below!