15+ Ed Gein Nicknames: Unveiling the Dark Secrets

Ed Gein Nicknames

Dive into the world of Ed Gein nicknames. Explore the macabre titles that reflect the atrocities committed by this notorious serial murderer.

Ed Gein was an infamous American serial murderer from Wisconsin. In the 1950s, he committed multiple horrendous crimes and became one of the most notorious killers in American history. Even more disturbing is the fact that Ed Gein was assigned several nicknames by the media and the public.

Ed Gein Nicknames

Discover the chilling aliases of the notorious serial murderer Ed Gein. Discover the man responsible for the insanity on this riveting website.

1. Wisconsin Weirdo

This nickname reflects Gein’s pariah status, even within the criminal community. His bizarre behaviour and grotesque crimes distinguished him from other killers of his time, garnering him a reputation as a true oddball. Gein’s actions were so startling and bizarre that even seasoned law enforcement officials were stunned.

2. Leatherface

Although not an official nickname, Gein’s crimes and the ensuing media attention inspired the creation of Leatherface, one of the most iconic horror characters. The antagonist in the classic horror film by Tobe Hooper, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” was significantly influenced by Gein’s macabre lifestyle. The mask made of human skin worn by Leatherface is a direct reference to Gein’s horrifying collection, eternally linking the two in popular culture.

3. Butcher of Plainfield

This is possibly Ed Gein’s most recognizable nickname. It perfectly encapsulates his macabre fascination with human flesh and his penchant for constructing grotesque objects from his victims’ remains. This chilling appellation was bestowed upon Gein due to his savagery and notoriety as a murderer.

4. Ghoul of Plainfield

As news of Gein’s crimes spread, the media labeled him “The Ghoul of Plainfield.” This nickname emphasizes his morbid preoccupation with mortality and grave-robbing behavior. The fact that Gein excavated corpses from local cemeteries to satiate his morbid curiosity added a terrifying dimension to an already gruesome story.

5. Mad Butcher

The nickname “The Mad Butcher” reflects Gein’s mental condition and descent into lunacy. It reflects his twisted wish to transform human remains into his own creations, which reflects his deranged state of mind. The term “mad” emphasizes that Gein’s actions were incomprehensible and defied any notion of normalcy.


6. Plainfield Cannibal

Although Gein did not consume human flesh in the conventional sense, his fascination with the human body and collection of body parts garnered him the nickname “The Plainfield Cannibal.” This name emphasizes the cannibalistic nature of his crimes, albeit in a symbolic sense.

7. Psycho Killer

“The Psycho Killer” is a nickname that precisely captures the essence of Ed Gein, despite not being as popular as the others. It emphasizes his mental instability, his heinous acts, and his utter disregard for human apathy. This nickname serves as a stark reminder of the horrifying depths to which Gein descended.

8. Skin-Suit Killer

This is perhaps the most chilling nickname associated with Ed Gein, as it refers to his macabre practice of using human skin to create clothing and furnishings. Gein would flay his victims, preserve their skin, and fashion it into masks and a full-body garment, among other items. This nickname functions as a stark reminder of Gein’s extreme depravity.

9. Grandfather of Gore

This nickname is a reference to Gein’s impact on horror films, especially in the 1970s and 1980s. His crimes and the grisly nature of his acts have been referenced and recreated in films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and The Silence of the Lambs. Due to his contributions to the horror genre, Gein can be viewed as the “grandfather of gore” from this perspective.

10. Ed/Eddie

In Gein’s birthplace of Plainfield, Wisconsin, he was referred to by this alias. Gein was known to frequent the local tavern and was known as “Eddie” or “Ed” by the residents. This nickname is a reminder of how Gein was able to blend in and remain undetected for so many years.

Grandfather of Gore

11. The Plainfield Gorilla

This nickname was coined by a Plainfield native who referred to Gein as the “Plainfield Gorilla” due to his physical stature and peculiar appearance. Gein stood 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 150 pounds; his unruly hair and bushy goatee added to his intimidating appearance. This nickname is a reminder of how Gein was able to remain concealed for so long without arousing the suspicion of those around him.

12. The Wisconsin Cannibal

Gein was dubbed the “Wisconsin Cannibal” after it was discovered that he had been preserving and using human body parts to construct furniture and other objects. The nickname is a reference to the gruesome nature of his crimes and serves as a warning that even the most ostensibly average individual is capable of unspeakable acts.

13. The Madman

Gein was given the nickname “Madman” due to his odd behavior, which included grave robbing and other peculiar activities. The media also used the killer’s nickname to instill a sense of fear and dread, which contributed to the public’s fascination with his narrative.

14. The Monster of Plainfield

Gein was dubbed “The Monster of Plainfield” because of the rural setting in which he resided and committed his crimes. The nickname was intended to emphasize that evil can lurk even in ostensibly peaceful and idyllic settings.

15. El asesino máscara de piel

Ed Gein, infamously known as El asesino máscara de piel (The Skin Mask Killer), acquired international notoriety due to the gruesome and shocking nature of his crimes. Nonetheless, it is his fixation with human skin that has earned him this ominous nickname. Gein would excavate bodies from local cemeteries and use their skin to create masks, clothing, and even furnishings.

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All of the nicknames for Ed Gein ultimately serve as reminders of the gruesome and shocking crimes committed by one of the most notorious serial murderers in the United States.